The American Prosperity Consensus

How can America best pave the way for prosperity in the next generation?  With the US government recently on hiatus, most are focused on the trenchant problems of the short term, while (at least in the political arena) few are thinking about what the country will look like in 2040.  Yet America will face even more significant challenges as the next three decades unfold --- with its healthcare, its infrastructure, its education system… just to name a few.   Until now, few have dared to venture into the unfamiliar territory of evaluating --- and comparing --- solutions to these and many other problems.  

The American Prosperity Consensus will engage both the public and opinion formers in a non-partisan exercise to discover which policies could be the best investments over the next thirty years.  America’s leading academics, analysts and thinkers --- across the political spectrum --- will be invited to submit their ideas.  Forty of these ideas will be developed, and then twelve of these will be compared, contrasted and scrutinized: which will yield, potentially, the most benefit for the least cost?  With an innovative process and interactive format, the APC will reveal some of the best future-oriented ideas and strategies.

With a unique and refreshing way of analyzing solutions to myriad problems, the APC will shape America’s thinking about how it (or any other country, for that matter) can pursue ideas and actions that can make the future brighter and better.

On this site, you will find a repository of all information related to the project.  

For questions or comments, please email  apc@copenhagenconsensus.com